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Overlay Systems

Overlay Systems malta, Coloured Cement Intl. malta

Topcoat Premix a neutral hardener for use on existing external/internal concrete surfaces. Ideal for use not only to create a non slip stencil floor finish but also unique in its application as an excellent wall finish. Topcoat offers applicators the possibility to create custom designs such as logos. The ease of application and versatility in design make this product a favourite with applicators. 


Glamour Coat a neutral hardener for use on existing internal concrete surfaces. A more economical alternative to ceramic tiles. Colour, design and texture are limitless. 


Screedon Coloured Hardener offering the possibility to apply a stamped overlay surface without having to remove the existing concrete or cement tiles. Screedon can be applied to a minimum of 1cm and then stamped using traditional stamping tools 


StreetPave Neutral Hardener for use on asphalt as a flexible non cracking surface. Ideal for use in areas where decorative style asphalt paving is required. 


Poolcrete swimming pool coating offering an attractive coloured surface in a combination of colour, design and layout. 


Artrock hardeners for turning plain concrete into sculptured concrete having the natural look of rocks and stones. Ideal also for use as an overlay on walls and used with stamping tools to create the natural look of cobbled bricks, random stone , stacked bricks, rough cast and textured patterns and oriental patterns