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01th July 2014

Topcoat - Create your own design - no limits

01th July 2014

Top Coat is a thin section cementicious Polymer enhanced coating. NOT to be used as a high build up material. This product is very versatile in its use and application. It can be used on any existing solid surface. In its finished form the coating can have a 5mm thickness. Topcoat has been used in diverse projects ranging from Fun Parks (Cartagoland & Palymobil), Restaurants (T.G.I. Friday's, McDonald's), Hotels (Intercontinental, Hilton, Radisson), Industrial Areas (Baxter), Shopping Arcades... Read More

Poolcrete - A pool with a difference

01th July 2014

Poolcrete offers the applicator the opportunity to create a pool with a difference. A specially formulated mix of cement and silica sand    Read More

Artrock - Be creative with concrete

01th July 2014

There is no real substitute for a solid understanding of the principals and formations of naturally occurring rock formations, however you may find that you can 'cheat' the process a little by using CCI Artrock hardener, immagination and a texture mat. Texture mats can be easily made from taking an impression of real rock. You can re-create naturally occurring detail with remarkable ease and effect. Texture mats can be in any size or shape and can consist of a general texture pattern, or a... Read More