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What We Offer

C.C.I. specialises in Contract Manufacturing for many diverse companies

Stamped/Stencil Systems

Premix Coloured Hardeners specially designed blend of silica quartz aggregates, cements, iron oxides and additives for use in wet Stamped/Stencil or plain concreting. A product used in many domestic, commercial and Industrial applications.    Release Agent bond breaking powder agent for use in Stamped/Stencil patterned concrete allowing high detailed surface impression whilst imparting a two tone effect.    Stencil patterns for use... Read More

Overlay Systems

Topcoat Premix a neutral hardener for use on existing external/internal concrete surfaces. Ideal for use not only to create a non slip stencil floor finish but also unique in its application as an excellent wall finish. Topcoat offers applicators the possibility to create custom designs such as logos. The ease of application and versatility in design make this product a favourite with applicators.    Glamour Coat a neutral hardener for use on existing internal... Read More

Acid Staining System

Acid stains that react with minerals in cured concrete to create natural earth tone colour effects that match the beauty of natural marble, tiles and stone.   Read More

Surface Hardeners

A variety of coloured surface hardeners used for Industrial, Domestic and Commercial applications to create a dust free and hard wearing surface with a vast range of colour mix options.   Read More

Ancillary Products

Acrylic Cement Modifier for use in conjunction with all overlay products. It is used as a primer on concrete as well as mixed directly with dry mix powders to increase strength and durability.    Liquid Oxide Pigments manufactured from finely milled pure synthetic iron oxides offering an excellent range of colours with exceptional tinting strength and colour consistency. Lightfast and UV resistant.    Acrylic Clear Sealer... Read More